Twitterstorming in support of Zara Mohammadi, a detained member of the Nojin association

١٣٩٨/٠٣/١٣ - ٠٣-٠٦-٢٠١٩ - ٢٠:٤٢ تارانچاپكردنی ئه‌م بابه‌ته‌ژماره‌ی بینینی بابه‌ت٣٤٨ قه‌باره‌ی فۆنت: قه‌باره‌ی نووسراوه‌ گه‌وره‌ بكه‌قه‌باره‌ی نووسراوه‌ بچووكتر بكه‌‌

Twitterstorming in support of Zara Mohammadi, a detained member of the Nojin associationKurdpa Agency: Kurdistan socail activisms launched a Twitterstorming to support Zara Mohammadi.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, Kurdistan socail activisms in a statement in protest to the not being released of Zara Mohammadi, a detained member of the Socio-cultural of Nojin Association, in addition to collecting signatures, launched Twitter storming.

Kurdistan socail activisms who have launched a campaign to support Zara Mohammadi, have announced that no practical action has been taken by security officials to release Zara Mohammadi so far, and the second round of the campaign will begin with the Twitterstorm, in addition to collecting signatures.

Kurdistan social activisms tune-up of these Twitter storming on Tuesday at 7:30 GMT.

social activisms want the Twitter users to support Zara Mohammadi by participating in these Hashtags:


On Wednesday, May 29th, Zara Mohammadi, a detained member of the Socio-cultural Nojin association, contacted her family after seven days of detention, and also met her family on Thursday, May 30th.

On Monday, May 27th, Members of the Nojin Socio-cultural Association held a gathering protest in front of Sanandaj's Court and in this protest have called for the immediate and unconditional release of Zara Mohammadi, a detained member of this association.

On Sunday, May 26th, two detained members of the Nojin NGO named "Idris Menbari and Rebwar Menbari" from Sanandaj were released and Zahra Mohammadi other detained member of the Nojiin Socio-cultural association, are still in detention.

On Thursday, May 23rd, these three Kurdish social activisms were arrested by the intelligence forces without any legal permission.

نوێترین هەواڵ

١٣٩٨/٠٤/٢٧ - ١٨-٠٧-٢٠١٩ - ١٣:٢٩ تاران

"موختار زارعی" بە ساڵێک زیندانیی تەعزیری مەحکووم کرا

١٣٩٨/٠٤/٢٧ - ١٨-٠٧-٢٠١٩ - ١١:١٥ تاران

ماشینی ئێعدامەکان لە کوردستان وەکار کەوتووە

١٣٩٨/٠٤/٢٦ - ١٧-٠٧-٢٠١٩ - ١٣:٢٦ تاران

دەسبەسەرکردنی هاووڵاتییان لە کوردستاندا بەردەوامە

١٣٩٨/٠٤/٢٦ - ١٧-٠٧-٢٠١٩ - ١٢:٠١ تاران

ڕووداوی کار، گیانی هاووڵاتییەکی بۆکانیی ئەستاند

١٣٩٨/٠٤/٢٥ - ١٦-٠٧-٢٠١٩ - ١٧:٣١ تاران

ئازادکرانی چوار لاوی بەندکراوی کورد لە شاری سنە

١٣٩٨/٠٤/٢٥ - ١٦-٠٧-٢٠١٩ - ١٣:٠٠ تاران

ڕۆمانی "١١ خولەک"، لە بازاڕەکانی تورکیە کۆکرایەوە

١٣٩٨/٠٤/٢٥ - ١٦-٠٧-٢٠١٩ - ١١:٣٦ تاران

چالاکێکی فەرهەنگیی کوردی خوراسان، زێدی خۆی بەجێهێشت

١٣٩٨/٠٤/٢٤ - ١٥-٠٧-٢٠١٩ - ١٣:٣٦ تاران

سێ هاووڵاتی لە شاری "سایین ‌قەڵا" دەسبەسەر کران

١٣٩٨/٠٤/٢٤ - ١٥-٠٧-٢٠١٩ - ١٣:١٢ تاران

کۆڵبەرێکی کورد لە "دۆڵەبیـ"ـی سەردەشت گیانی لەدەست دا