Summoning one of the protesters to women's murder to Ettelaat in Marivan
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Summoning one of the protesters to women\'s murder  to Ettelaat in MarivanKurdpa Agency: One of the protesters of the women's murder in Marivan was summoned to the Ettelaat of this city.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, On Sunday, Mary 19th, Hamid Ghobadi, one of the protesters to women's murder was summoned to the Marivan Ettelaat Bureau.

The reason for the summoning of this activist was participating in the protest rally on Thursday 16th of May.

In this regard, three protesters to women's murdered in Marivan named Diman Fathi, Mohammad Danesh and Somayeh Roozbeh, were charged with "disturbing public order" and released on bail.

On Thursday, May 16th, a number of Marivan's civil activists held a protest rally with the slogan "No violence against women" and "not to honor killings" after the spreading news of women's murder and suicide in Marivan.

In this protest rally, a number of protesters were arrested by intelligence forces, including "Diman Fathi, Somayeh Rozbeh, Mohammad Danesh, Koyar Khishkar, Heman Kany Sanani, Mojdeh Mardokhi and Hamid Ghobadi".

Hamid Ghobadi, Heman Kani Sanani, Koyar Khishkar, Diman Fathi, Mojdeh Mardokhi and Somayeh Rozbeh were released after several hours of interrogation and Mohammad Danesh was released on May 17th.

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