The websites of the Ministry of Intelligence wanted to dealing with the participants at the Bukan's "Taraqeh" Nowruz ceremony
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The websites of the Ministry of Intelligence wanted to dealing with the participants at the Bukan\'s \Kurdpa Agency: The websites of the Ministry of Intelligence called the participants at the Taraqeh, Bukan Nowruz ceremony "disruptive and sympathetic to Democrat and Komala parties."

According to the websites affiliated to Ministry of Intelligence in response to the celebration of the magnificent Nowruz celebration on Mount Taraqeh, Bokan exclaimed: "Komala and Democrat supporters have announced their declaration of existence on clear day!"

These websites emphasized: "Nowruz celebrations have been held in Taraqeh following the Democrats and Komala parties' appeals."

The websites emphasized the encounter with the participants at the ceremony at Nowruz Taraqeh and told the intelligence agencies: "It is appropriate that security institutions deal with the Taraqeh disruptors and not let the supporters of the Kurdish groups to expressed themselves on clear day, and take an action as soon as possible to neutralize these conspiracies and not to allow the enemies to abuse the national ceremonies of our country. "

On Friday, March 15, citizens of Bukani went to the "Nowruz" and "New Year" celebrations on the mountain "Taraqeh" and held a magnificent ceremony.

The released of images of the ceremony in the cyberspace was a pleasure for social networking users.

Cooperation Center of Iranian Kurdistan's Political Parties has launched a campaign called "Nowruz, Dance of freedom", which in response to the campaign, intelligence agencies created a climate of terror and arrest of Kurdish activists.

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