Arrest of a Kurdish researcher in Tehran
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Arrest of a Kurdish researcher in Tehran Kurdpa Agency: A Kurdish researcher was arrested in his own home in Tehran.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency on Sunday, August 11th, Kamil Ahmadi, author and social science researcher, was arrested by the intelligence forces.

Shafagh Rahamani, the wife of this Kurdish researcher wrote on his Instagram page: "My husband, Kamil Ahmadi, has been detained since Sunday. Our follow-up today revealed that the Evin Security parquet district 1 has issued a one-month arrest. We are not informed of the reason for Kamil's arrest and charges. "

Last year, Kamil Ahmadi was awarded the World Peace Foundation's Women in Literature and Humanities at George Washington University.

He won an award at George Washington University for his scholarly work and activities in the field of social dysfunctions, emphasizing on "gender, children" and "minorities".

This researcher is investigating on topics such as local culture, children and women, and minority rights, and has done projects in recent years on the common culture of women and children, gender and social dysfunctional in Iran and the region.

Kamil Ahmadi has done researches on Female genital mutilation (FGM / C), Early Childhood / Spouse Marriage (ECM), Temporary Marriage / Separation, and White Marriage in Iran.

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