The family of prisoners were gathered in fornt of the Sanandaj's court
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The family of prisoners were gathered in fornt of the Sanandaj\'s courtKurdpa Agency: The family of detainees of the Sanandaj prison held a protest rally in front of the court of this city.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Monday, May 13th, the families of detainees in Sanandaj were gathered in front of the court to protest against the inappropriate situation of prisoners in Sanandaj's Basij Blvd.

The Kurdpa journalist in Sanandaj reported that after the gathering of the families of the prisoners, the anti-riot security forces assembled to attack and disperse the protestors.

According to the Kurdpa journalist, the anti-riot police has beaten up the crowds.

The imprisoned prisoners in Sanandaj Central Prison are deprived of welfare facilities and are in poor conditions, and this has caused their families to be dissatisfied.

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