Two Kurdish Kolbars were Injured in Sardasht and Hawraman
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Two Kurdish Kolbars were Injured in Sardasht and HawramanKurdpa Agency: Two Kurdish Kolbars were wounded and taken to medical centers due to direct shootings and falls from the height of Sardasht and Hawraman.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, a few days ago, a group of Kurdish Kolbars had been fired directly by the Revolutionary Guards Corps in Boyuran District, Sardasht and as a result, a Kurdish Kolbar named Mahyeddin Rahimi, 29, son of Omar, a resident of the Vazineh District, Sardasht is wounded.

This Kurdish Kolbar has been wounded from his leg and transferred to a Urmia's hospital for medical treatment.

Also on Sunday, May 12th, a Kurdish Kolbar was fallen from Tate altitude, Hawraman and heavily injured.

This Kurdish Kolbar with the efforts of the Mountain Rescue Team and the "Qaleh Ji" Rescue Center of the Red Crescent of Sarvabad and the people were transferred to the mountain range and then transferred to health centers.

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