Killed and wounded two Kurdish tradesmen in Saqez
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Killed and wounded two Kurdish tradesmen in SaqezKurdpa Agency: Two Kurdish tradesmen killed and wounded in direct shootings of government troops in Saqez.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Saturday, May 12th, a Kurdish tradesman named Kaywan Rezazadeh, 25, was killed by a direct military strike, and another tradesman named "Ata Rasolzadeh" was severely wounded.

These two tradesmen from Saqez are suspected to have been smuggled on the Kani Jazhney road which were targeting by the direct firing of government troops.

Ata Rasulzadeh, who was severely injured in this incident, has been transferred to the Saqez hospital for medical treatment. Government troops have targeted these two tradesmen without prior notice.

In this regard, on Friday, May 10th, a Kurdish tradesman named Asad Bourke, 21, son of Seleman, from the city of Piranshahr died in direct shootings of the Revolutionary Guards.

he was targeted by the direct firing of the IRGC's forces at a place called "khivatga" at Oshnavieh altitudes.

photo: kaywan rezazadeh

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