The Revolutionary Guard prevents Nowruz events in Kurdistan
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The Revolutionary Guard prevents Nowruz events in KurdistanKurdpa Agency: The Revolutionary Guard prevented the celebration of Nowruz in one of the villages of the Oshnavieh district.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, the Revolutionary Guard forces in the village of Aliabad, Oshnavieh prevented the celebration of Nowruz.

A resident of the village told a Kurdpa's reporter in Oshnavieh: The Revolutionary Guard forces seized the wood and firewood collected for Nowruz fire and then burned at a location near the village of Aliabad.

This source added that the Revolutionary Guard forces have warned the youth of the village of Aliabad to refrain them from celebrating Nowruz.

In this relation, in recent days, dozens of activists have been summoned to intelligence agencies in Kurdistan, and the intelligence has threatened them to refrain from conducting Nowruz ceremonies.

So far, government-related institutions in Kurdistan have refused to issue permission for celebrating Nowruz.

On Wednesday, March 13th, the Saghez Provisional Council took decisions at the meeting to create a security environment and deal with the events of Nowruz.

Also, the village of Palangan's council, following the pressure of the Kamyaran's Ettelaat Bureau, canceled the announcement of the Nowruz ceremony.

The Bureau of Properties in Marivan and Kamyaran also impounded the artistry's card for the sake of preventing their presence in the New Year celebrations.

Cooperation Center of Iranian Kurdistan's Political Parties has launched a campaign called "Nowruz, Dance of freedom", which in response to the campaign, intelligence agencies created a climate of terror and arrest of Kurdish activists.

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