Four months unaware of the status of the environmental activist detainee in Sanandaj
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Four months unaware of the status of the environmental activist detainee in SanandajKurdpa Agency: The fate of a Kurdish environmental activist from Sanandaj is in a state of uncertainty.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, the fate of an environmental activist, Homayoun Bahmani, detained by intelligence forces four months ago, is unknown.

This environmental activist was kept in solitary confinement during the detention, and he has only made few telephone calls with his family.

Homayoun Bahmani's case was in Sanandaj's investigation court Branch ll and he is currently in temporary custody and is deprived of visiting his family.

Also, this environmental activist does not have access to a lawyer and his family is worried about his health in detention.

This environmental activist was arrested by the intelligence forces in December and was transferred to an unknown location .

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