No information is available about a Kurdish citizen
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No information is available about a Kurdish citizenKurdpa Agency: arrest of a Kurdish citizen after one month, no information is available on his fate.

according to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, No information is available on the fate of a Kurdish citizen, Yassin Kanani, from Saqez after a month's detaining.

This Kurdish citizen was arrested by intelligence forces late on February, returning from Tehran and at the entrance to the city of Saqez, along with "Aso Ramezanzadeh" and transferred to an unknown location.

A relative of this Kurdish citizen told to Kurdpa's reporter in Saqez that during the a month ago, the Kanani's family had come to the Ettelaat Bureau of Saqez several times to find out about the fate of their child, but they did not receive a clear answer.

This source added that Kanani's family did not know about thier child whereabouts, and this doubled their concern.

This informed source said the intelligence forces had arrested this Kurdish citizen for allegedly supporting one of the Kurdish opposition parties in the Iranian government.

This source also added, this Kurdish citizen has been deprived of the right to have a lawyer and a legal counsel and be in touch with his family during his detention.

whereas, Yassin Kanani also was arrested on charges of supporting one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government in 2016 and was released after 40 days of interrogation with the bail of 250 million Toman.

This citizen then was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by the Iranian judiciary and after appealing against the verdict, his sentence was reduced to three years in prison.

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