A Kurdish political prisoner has been kept in the ordinary crime section of Urmia Prison
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A Kurdish political prisoner  has been kept in the ordinary crime section of Urmia PrisonKurdpa Agency: A Kurdish political prisoner from the city of Oshnavieh is in the ordinary punishment of the Central Prison of Urmia.

according to a report by the Kurdpa News Agency, a Kurdish political prisoner named "Fakhreddin Asris," son of Ali from Oshnavieh, is kept in section 3-4, which is a section of ordinary crimes.

According to a source who knowns about the prison of Urmia, the political prisoner has several times requested the transfer to section 12 of the urmia prison, which is a section dedicated to political prisoners, but authorities in the prison of Urmia have objected to this request.

This source aslo added that this Kurdish political prisoner is also deprived of the right to leave of absence.

This source said: Urmia prison authorities have been opposed to the transfer of this political prisoner to his hometown's prison.

This political prisoner was sentenced to five years imprisonment in the second branch of the Revolutionary Court of Urmia, chaired by Judge Sheikhloo, on charges of "cooperating with the Kurdish opposition of the Iranian government", and after appealed against the ruling issued by the trial court and reviewing his case in the Urmia Appeals Court, this sentence was reduced to three years imprisonment.

In the summer of 2017, this Kurdish prisoner was arrested by intelligence forces affiliated with the Revolutionary Guard intelligence(Ettelaat Sepah Pasdaran) in Oshnovieh and transferred to the Seyedl Shohada detention center in Urmia.

After the interrogation, the prisoner was transferred to the Urmia Prison and held in a normal crime section.

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