A Kurdish Kolbar injured after falling from height
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A Kurdish Kolbar injured after falling from heightKurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa): A Kurdish Kolbar (porter), from the city of Bana (Baneh), was rushed to hospital after having fallen from heights situated in border regions.

According to reliable sources, a Kurdish Kolbar, Sadollah Sharifzadeh, from Nashmir in the city of Bana, was injured of falling from heights in his attempts to make a living out of his dangerous job, Kolbari (to carry goods on the back from one side of the Iran-Iraq borders to another side).

He was taken to a hospital in Bana, he currently is under intensive care.

According to reports received by Kurdpa, today morning, the 29th of November, a Kurdish Kolbar (porter), Hadi Salimi, 30, son of Ahmad, dead of gunshot wounds; Iranian military forces shot at him.

Iranian forces shot at him without giving him any previous warnings, a witness said to our reporter.

In the same shooting incident, Iranian forces wounded two other Kurdish Kolbars one of whom has been reported to be a cousin of Hadi whose name is Yadgar Salimi.

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