Three Kolbars at whom Iranian forces shot Killed and wounded
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Three Kolbars at whom Iranian forces shot Killed and woundedKurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa): Three Kolbars (porters) at whom Iranian forces shot were killed and wounded.

According to reports received by Kurdpa, on Sunday, the 11th of November, a Kurdish Kolbar, Ghaleb Kwik, from Dezwand village in the city of Mariwan was killed by direct shots from Iranian military forces.

Ghaleb was among a group of Kolbars whom was ambushed by Iranian military forces.

His dead body was transferred to Booali hospital in Mariwan, our reporter said.

On the same day, another group of Kolbars were shot by Iranian military forces in border regions of Urmia. One of the Kolbars, Maher Shini, 28, son of Osman, from Margawer region in the city of Urmia, died of gunshot wounds.

Maher was rushed to a hospital in Urmia immediately after the incident, according to reliable sources.

In another incident on the same day, a Kurdish Kolbar, Mohammad Walipour, son of Hassan, was critically wounded in the leg when he was among a group of Kolbars on whom Iranian military forces opened fired in a region called Shepiran in the city of Salmas.

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