A Kurdish small trader shot dead by Iranian military forces
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A Kurdish small trader shot dead by Iranian military forcesKurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa): A Kurdish small trader (porter), from the city of Kamyaran, was killed by Iranian military forces in the city of Ahwaz.

According to reliable sources, on Thursday, the 8the of October, a Kurdish small trader, Farough Faizi, son of Ismail, from Tangiwar village in the city of Kamyaran was shot dead by Iranian military forces in Ahwaz.

Iranian forces shot at Farough without have giving previous warning on suspicion of smuggling, a source close to Farough’s family told our reporter.

His dead body was transferred to Ahwaz Legal Medicine Organization and has not yet been given to his family, the source added.

In another incident, on the same day, the 8th of November, a Kurdsih small trader, Salah Esfandwend, 28, from the city of Mahabd, was killed by Iranian military forces in border regions of Piranshar (Piranshahr).

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