Farhad Abdollapour: I was forced to leave Iran
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Farhad Abdollapour: I was forced to leave IranKurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa): Farhad Abdollapour has been forced to leave Iran. He is one of the brothers of Hedayat Abdollapour, a Kurdish political prisoner sentenced to death.

According to reports received by Kurdpa, Fardad Abdollapour left Iran in order to escape himself from further prosecution a few days ago.

In a brief interview with Kurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa), Farhad confirmed the news and said: “I was under the pressure of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC); I had been summoned, interrogated and threatened by Intelligence Service several times”.

“I was arrested by Intelligence forces in July this year; afterwards I was transferred to the Intelligence Service in Shno (Oshnavieh) where I was beaten severely. Later on, I was transferred to the IRGC’s Intelligence Office in Urmia”, he added.

“I was kept in solitary confinement and deprived of any access to telephone or having the right to in-person family visit”, he said.

“I was released on a 200 million tomans bail. I had been accused of cooperation with a Kurdish political party”, he told our reporter.

According to Farhad, Iranian Intelligence forces had been frightening his family.

He left Iran a few days ago and currently is living in a neighboring county.

With regard to his brother’s death sentence, he said: “the execution of his sentence is imminent which has caused mounting concern among my family”.

In the end, Farhad called upon all of human rights organizations to take pressure on Iranian authorities to halt Hedayt’s execution.

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