Detention of Kurdish citizens continue
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Detention of Kurdish citizens continueKurdpa agency: A local photographer from Piranshar was detained and transferred to an unknown location by the Iranian intelligence forces.

According to the reports received by the Kurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa), the Iranian intelligence forces detained the photographer and owner of the ‘Nice’ photography in Piranshar on Sunday, March 12.

An informed source told the local Kurdpa corresponded that the Iranian intelligence forces searched and arrested the 30-year-old Said Ahmadi, son of Mohammad. The source also stated that the intelligence forces seized his computer, camera and his visitation and appointment records.

A source close to Mr. Ahmadi’s family told our reporter that 'the main reasons behind his arrest were still unknown'. They were, however, told by the security forces who visited the family in plain clothes that Mr. Ahmadi was detained based on alleged 'connection to a Kurdish opposition group to the regime'.

Mr. Ahmadi comes from a family with ‘political history and background’. Mr. Ahmadi’s father disappeared during the early days of the 1979 revolution, and his brother was expelled from the Wrimia university late last year.

The intelligence forces also late last week arrested and transferred Mr. Amir Wafaie, a residence of Shno to an unknown location. Upon the timing of this report, his whereabouts is still unknown.

According to Kurdpa’s records, the security forces have since the beginning of the New Year detained 59-Kurdish citizens. The whereabouts of many of those detained are still unknown.

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