Hajer Piri is in worse possible condition
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Hajer Piri is in worse possible conditionKurdpa agency: Security officials in Tabriz central prison accused a female Kurdish political activist of a separatist and terrorist.

According to Kurdpa News agency Hajer Piri started a hunger strike in the middle of last week due to her terrible condition in prison. This political activist is from Naqadeh and she is in custody with other prisoners charged with murdering and drug addiction.

An associate from inside the central prison in Tabriz told Kurdpa that 33 years old Hajer is severely under pressure by security officers in the prison. The security officers have constantly interrogated her since she-begun hunger strike.

The same associate said that security forces have accused Hajer of a separatist and supporter of Kurdish terrorist political parties. According to the same associate from inside the prison Hajer has denied all these allegations and called them as a shameful lies, she was also while emphasizing on her Kurdish identity said "we will not sell our honor and our conscience, we are Kurdish”. The same resource told Kurdpa that Hajer is in horrible condition in the prison.

Hajer was arrested in last April; she was then transferred to Tabriz central prison from Kerman. She has served 8 years and 7 months out of 17 years imprisonment sentence. She has not had any visitor from the beginning of her custody. She has also been kept in custody with drug dealers and bandits.

At the present time more than 16 female Kurdish political activist are in jail in Iran.

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