Alireza Sepahi Laeen's family is under pressure and intimidation
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Alireza Sepahi Laeen's family is under pressure and intimidationKurdpa – "Alireza Sepahi Laeen", a prominent Kurdish writer and poet resident in Khorasan Province (East of Iran), has being held in detention after 4 months and his family is under pressure and intimidation.

Based on a report by Kurdpa’s correspondent, "Alireza Sepahi Laeen" has been arrested on July30, 2011, by the Islamic Regime’s Security Forces. He is still being held in detention in the Intelligence Agency based in Mashhad.

According to this report he has been arrested on charges of cooperating with Kurdish opposition groups, writing critical poems against the Islamic Regime of Iran and revering Kurdish leaders.

The Intelligence Agency in Mashhad has put his family under a great pressure and warned them not to have any interviews or reveal any news or report to the Media about him.

Amnesty International issued an announcement in connection with worse health and mental condition of Alireza, and demanded the Islamic Regime of Iran to release him from prison as soon as possible.

Alireza Sepahi Laeen has written more than 10 books in Kurdish and Persian languages. He is one of the most prominent writers in Iran.

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