A Backpack carrier from Sardasht was victimized due to being targeted by military forces
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A Backpack carrier from Sardasht was victimized due to being targeted by military forcesKurdpa Agency: In the course of killing and shooting at the Backpack carrier and traders on the border region by the Military Forces of Iranian Islamic Government, a Kurdish Man from Sardasht was transferred to hospital after being shot by the Military Forces.

According to Kurdistan Press Agency, a Kurdish backpack carrier whose name is ‘’Ramiyar Ibrahimi’’ from ‘’Bezhwei’’ Village within Sardasht region was shot and wounded severely by the Military Forces.

According to some witnesses, Ramiyar was shot at head and consequently he was transferred to one of the medical centers in Urmia.

It is said that Ramiyar is in ICU in Urmia hospital due to serious affect of wounds. Doctors have announced that his physical condition is critical.

Referring to registered data by Kurdistan Press Agency Statistic Center during this summer (July 2014), 5 Kurdish Men were shot dead by Iranian military forces and 12 other men were injured.

Despite of the fact that continuous murdering Kurdish people by Iranian military forces has been condemned by the International Human Right watchdog, the relevant institutions have not taken any action. On the other hand Iranian military centers and officials issue orders of direct shooting at the backpacks carrier.

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