Supporting Lebanese Hezbollah via dispatching messages by Iranian Telecommunication Company
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Supporting  Lebanese Hezbollah via dispatching messages by Iranian Telecommunication CompanyKurdpa Agency: Iranian Telecommunication Company are sending instant messages to the citizen’s mobile phone and suggesting if they send back a message to the company, they will be receiving speech of Hassan Nasorlah.

According to Kurdistan Press Agency, and some associates from different cities, telecommunication company in Iran in order for recruiting new members in ‘’ Center of Islamic Resistance’’ in line with collaboration to the office of Lebanese Hezbollah are sending instant messages to the citizens’ Mobile Phones.

The associates also said that the revenue made out of sending messages is spent for funding Lebanese Hamas and Hezbollah.

This instant message suggests the citizens to send back a blank message if they want to receive the opinion and principals of Hassan Nasrolah.

So far this message has been sent to people by the Telecommunication Company in vast majority of Iranian cities.

Following the International Economic Sanctions on Islamic Republic, the main source of income of Hezbollah of Lebanon and Hamas has faced serious problems, and this action of Iranian Telecommunication Company indicates direct support of Iranian Islamic Government for Hezbollah of Lebanon.

The Officials of Iranian Islamic Government have always shown their support for Hezbollah of Lebanon. During the internal crisis of Syria, Iran alongside Hezbollah of Lebanon has supported Bashar Al-Assad Government.

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