Student girls of Shinawe once again showed protest in front of Presidential office
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Student girls of Shinawe once again showed protest  in front of Presidential officeKurdpa Agency: Once again, student girls of Shinawe village, demonstrated in front of Presidential office of Iranian Islamic Government in Tehran.

According to Kurdistan Press Agency, on Saturday Morning, 12 student girls of Shinawe along with their fathers protested in front of Hassan Rohani’s office, and their protest have not been responded yet.

One of the girls’ father in an interview with Kurdistan Press agency revealed, that ‘’we have not been compensated any of our lost, and none of their promises have been implemented’’.

Shinawe student girls are still in Tehran, and their fathers say that doctors in‘’Fatime Zahra’’ Hospital have asked them to make payment towards hospital expenses, and they (Girls’ Family) are not able to make this payment.

Earlier, at the beginning of February of 2014, these girls along with their families had demonstrated in front of Rohani’s office in Pastor Street in Tehran.

37 female students of Shinawe Village of Piranshahr on 5 December of 2012 were set into a fire in an accident, and consequently, two of them whose names were ‘’Sayran Yegane and Sareena Rasol-zadeh’’ lost their lives due to severe wounds.

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