An abandoned barrack belong to Sepah caused catastrophe/ five people were victim of landmine explosion
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An abandoned barrack belong to Sepah caused catastrophe/ five people were victim of landmine explosionKurdpa Agency: Remaining landmine explosion from an abandoned military barrack belong to Sepah killed five members of family from Mahabad including father and four other member of family.

According to Kurdistan Press Agency, on Wednesday 16 July, five members of a Kurdish Family from ‘’Bardarashan’’ Village within Mahabad region were victimized by a landmine explosion.

In this incident, ‘’Samad Bebak’’ father of the family lost his life, and meanwhile the other four members were hospitalized due to sustaining from injuries. They are undergoing medical treatment.

According to an associate, on Wednesday while this family was busy with working in a farm field nearby to an old barrack, they found a metallic substance. They later took it home thinking that it might be an antique.

In this explosion, a young child whose name is ‘’ Hoshiar Bebak’’ and a woman aged 60 by the name of ‘’Miryam IbrahimPoor’’ were severely injured while two young girls whose names are ‘’Gwlzar Bebak and layla Allapoor’’ were wounded and disabled.

‘’Bardarashan’’ Village is located between Mahabad and Miyandoab in Western Azerbaijan Province. On the other hand, according to the citizens of Mahabad, there is no warning or stop sign around the barrack.

Kurdish citizens in the border region particularly in Kermanshah, Ilam, Western Azerbaijan and Kurdistan are living within insecure and dangerous situation after the end of Iran-Iraq war. Even in deep region of Kurdistan, farm fields and plains have been planted with landmines. This is only on the basis of fighting against Iranian Kurdish political parties in the region.

Even Earlier, in ‘’Nshkash’’ Village located in Mariwan region, seven Kurdish Children aged between 8-10 had been wounded and disabled due to landmine explosion.

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