Military Forces Killed a Kurdish Citizen in Kermanshah Road
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Military Forces Killed a Kurdish Citizen in Kermanshah RoadKurdistan Press Agency: A Kurdish youth from Paweh was killed by the Military Forces of Iranian Islamic Government in the Road between Paweh and Kermanshah.

According to Kurdistan press Agency, last night on 27th of June , a Kurdish Citizen from Paweh who was travelling to Kermanshah by car, was killed in Grawand Road by the Military Forces of Iranian Islamic Government.

Farshad Husseni was shot dead by the Military Forces: One of this Kurdish citizen’s relatives, has told Kurdpa that ,only on the basis of smuggling allegation he was shot by the Military Forces. According to the same associate, Farshad’s body has been given back to his family and was buried in his hometown.

Farshad Husseni was shot dead by the Military Forces
Mohammad Salih Nikbakht a prominent Kurdish lawyer had previously told Kurdpa that , if Military Forces are suspicious of someone who is in the car, they have to first shoot at the tires of vehicle so it might stop and the person can be arrested afterwards, but in most of the time this rule is not followed by the Military Forces and they shoot at the citizens directly.

This prominent Kurdish lawyer has also added, in the case of inaccurate shooting below the waist, a long distance from the target are used to cover their carelessness. This is also an excuse for not accepting responsibilities of death and wounding Kurdistan civilian citizens and ultimately they would not be prosecuted. According to Mohammad Salih Nikbakht in recent years the death of all Kurdish backpackers have been regarded as non-intentional incident and these incidents have not been prosecuted in the court of law.

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