Death and Injury of two Kurdish backpack carrier due to the landmine explosion and falling into the water
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Death and Injury of two Kurdish backpack carrier due to the landmine explosion and falling into the waterKurdistan Press Agency: One Kurdish backpack carrier was killed and another one wounded in the cross-border Kurdish region between Iraq and Turkey. This was due to landmine explosion and falling into the river.

According to Kurdistan Press Agency, as a result of landmine explosion in the cross-border region of Baneh, on Friday night, 25th of April, a Kurdish man whose name is ’Rezgar Rawshani’’ son of Atta lost one of his legs .This 30 years old Kurdish is from City of Saqez . He had traveled to ‘’Hanga Zhal’’ Border around city of Baneh for a business purpose to provide for his family.

On the other hand, Kurd Press in Urmia announced that, a Kurdish backpack carrier has died due to falling into the river where is located in Cross-border region. Name of the victim has been identified as ’Rahim Payrawi’’. While the victim’s intention was to cross the frozen river he fell into the river and consequently lost his life. His body was found on 26 of April nearby Berdasoor Village.

‘’Rahim Piroti’’ was from ‘’Balolan’’ Village of Targawar in Urmia province. He died in the region near to ’Shahidan’’ Mountain.

wide spread of unemployment and bankruptcy of production units are one of the principal reasons that why some Kurdish citizens, and in particular impoverished portion of Kurdish community in Iran are involved in backpacking.

Saqez, Jwanro, Sardasht, Baneh, Urmia, Paweh, and Mariwan are among cities where many people are involved in backpacking due to providing for their family.

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