Sardasht Edges’ Destruction by Military Forces
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Sardasht Edges’ Destruction by Military ForcesKurdistan Press Agency: The forests and edges of Kurdistan are getting demolished by a number of Military and Security Forces misusing their authorities and neglecting the laws.

According to obtained report by Kurdistan Press Agency, the natural edges around Sardasht were given to some of military soldiers under the name of Building Construction Project and since few past years about 60 hectors of these edges have been demolished.

This destruction which is fulfilled at nights and away from people’s eyes has included Janbazan Town, Hafttir studio, Razijola and Maraghan town.

Concerning this downfall, a citizen from Sardasht talked to Kurdistan Press Agency, Politics and improper management of government in the field of construction and preserving national natural properties have made the forest and precious edges of Sardasht become Military forces.

According to this citizen, the forest office does not have any scientific and special certificate about edges, and the directorate of natural resources doesn’t have any attitude towards the Military Centers.

Regarding this, the citizens of Sardasht have secretly taken pictures of the demolished places by military forces.

An aware source explained that the owners of these areas are within military forces, and with the help of government some of them want to make natural area under their authorities.

According to the formal statistics, Sardasht owns around 80 K hectors of natural edges, and since past few years this amount has decreased to 50 k hectors due to building construction and cutting them.






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