Kurdish Prisoner from Ilam was suspiciously Murdered
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Kurdish Prisoner from Ilam was suspiciously MurderedKurdistan Press Agency: A Kurdish Prisoner from Ilam was killed in Rajayi Prison in Karaj as a result of fighting which took place in that prison.

According to the obtained report by Kurdistan Press Agency; on Saturday, 5 April, ‘’Ali Ilami’’ 32 years old was killed in an individual room of Rajayi Prison as a result of severe operation.

Connected to this, the activists of human rights and democracy announced that ‘’Ali Ilami’’ had been transferred to solitary jail form Sector 3 of prison awhile ago.

The death of this Kurdish Prisoner is in a situation in which those who are transferred to individual rooms will not be permitted to take anything personal with them.

According to those prisoner who have been liberated from the Iranian Islamic Government’s prisons, those prisoners who complain about the pressure and torture that are applied on them, will b tried to hurt physically by ‘’ Mafia Bands’’.

According to a report released by Kurdistan Press Agency, In 2013, 176 prisoners have lost their lives in Rajayi Prison in Karaj due to Suicide, HIV and Hematite, fight, quarrel of Prison, and Suspicious death.

Earlier, one of the prisoners of Rajayi City prison, in an interview to KURDPA had penciled a part of the fights and duals of prison planned by Prison’s officials: Neglecting Prisoners’ fights, and selecting wrong doers and innocents by the officials are all evidence that most of the fights are planned by them.

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