Suspicious Death of a Kurdish student Girl in Nazloo University of Urmia
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Suspicious Death of a Kurdish student Girl in Nazloo University of UrmiaKurdistan Press Agency: One of the girl students of Nazloo University of Urmia lost her life in the dormitory of that university suspiciously.

According to the acquired report by Kurdistan press Agency, on Saturday, 1 March, 2014 at 12 noon, the dead body of a Kurdish Student girl whose name is ‘’Shaida hatami nwi’’ from ‘’Nwe’’ village of Urmia was found in the dormitory of Nazloo University that locates in Urmia.

The president of Nazloo University annexed her death with committing suicide, but her friends are certainly saying that she has not committed suicide.

Shaida Hatami, lost her life suspiciously in the dormitory of Nazloo University
A reliable source spoke to Kurdistan Press Agency that; Shaida’s dead body had been found in a situation where some drops of blood had been seen on her clothes.

‘’Shaida’s head has been broken, and her hand has been injured, and these are just indicating the sign of defending against the murderer’’. One of Shayda’s relatives said.

The source also elaborated; the officials of the university transferred the dead body without taking any photo or video of the incident. They want to cover the incident in this way and avoid the students of starting a demonstration.

‘’Shaida Hatami’’ 24 years was majoring in Geology Department of Nazloo University in Urmia.

Prior to this day, a girl student from Nodsha whose name was ‘’ Parwin Haqiry’’ also lost her life.

Also, on October, 2013, another girl whose name was ‘’ Sahar Chwini’’ 19 years old, from Mariwan, and the student of second semester of Nursing in Dentistry School of Hamadan suspiciously lost her life in the dormitory of Buali University in Hamadan.

In the morning of the next day, more than thousands of students of ‘’Buali University’’ in Hamdan went on a huge demonstration as a result of the officials’ ignorance towards the suspicious death of ‘’ Sahar Chwini’’.

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