Continuous Stand of Judicial Centers of Iran against the Release of Two Kurdish Political Prisoners
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Continuous Stand of Judicial Centers of Iran against the Release of Two Kurdish Political PrisonersKurdistan Press Agency: Two Kurdish Political Prisoners from Mahabad city have been prohibited from their conditional release by the Judicial Centers of Iran after spending half of their imprisonment.

Kurdistan Press Agency, ‘’Qasm Rahimi Azar, Jalal Nasry’’ have asked the officials of Mahabad Prison and Judicial Court of Western Azerbaijan for their conditional release, but it has been refused once again.

‘Qasm RahimiAzar and Jalal Nasry’ accompanied by three other people were arrested on 2 March, 2011 by the Military Forces of Iranian Islamic Government accused of colliding with one of the Political Opposition Parties of Iranian regime.

These two citizens were released with condition of paying a large amount of money after staying almost three months in Intelligence Agency prison and Central prison of Bokan. Later, on 11 October, 2010, they were sentenced to 13 years of Imprisonment in the revolutionary court of Mahabad.

The sentence of these two Political Prisoners was later minimized in Reinvestigation Court of western Azerbaijan Province to 4 years of Imprisonment for each, and the other three citizens whose names are’’ Nasr Nasri, Idris Borna, and Idris Ag’’ sentenced to one year for each, and on 4 April, 2013 were released after completing their imprisonment period.

According to the Article 38 of Islamic Sentence Law, any prisoner who doesn’t have afore judicial case, and has spent half of his imprisonment, he can benefit from conditional law, and get released.

In addition, according to this law, ‘’ Qasm Rahimi Azar, and Jalal Nasry’’ are included in this law, and according to the Human Rights Activists, Security and Judicial Centers are hindering their release.

At the time of being, these two Political prisoners have passed 30 months of their imprisonment, and have been under the pressure and torture of Security Centers, and Prison officials.
That is worth mentioning is sometimes they have gone on strike.

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