Accusing a Kurdish Student of Attempting to overthrow Iranian Government
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Accusing a Kurdish Student of Attempting to overthrow Iranian GovernmentKurdpa Agency: Intelligence Ministry has pressurized the members of a Kurdish Family from ‘’Qorwa’’ City in order for them delivering their student son to the Iranian authority.

According to Kurdistan Press Agency, children rights and student activist in Bahonar University in Kerman province whose name is ‘’ Salahadin Nadri’’ has been threaten by the Intelligence Ministry office in Qorwa.

This Kurdish Juvenile after being continuously summoned by Intelligence Office of Kerman and being accused of attempting to overthrowing .Therefore he has to leave Kerman to Tehran and then to Kurdistan region.

An associate close to his family while confirming a bad situation of Salah and his family told Kurdpa: Although Salah has return to his birthplace however intelligent office in Qorwa still summoned him to pay visit to their office.

Salahadin Nadri, Editor-in- chief and Supervisor of ‘’Koudak News’’ Website
The above mentioned associate via a phone call has also said that, Salah has been compelled to hide himself , and the officials of Intelligence Ministry has put his family under pressure in order to encourage Salah to reveal his place and handing himself to Intelligence Ministry.

‘’During the past year, Salah has not had any political or illegitimate activities. He has only been voluntarily involved in some activities within the field of children job and those children who have abandoned education.’’ The associate explained.

Salah is post graduation (Master) Student, and he is editor –in – Chief of ‘’ Dahato’’ journal . He is also member of Central Council of humanist organizations such as Tanin, Sarkawt, Cultural and Scientific Council of Payame-Noor University in Qorwa.



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