Kurdish Juvenile Aged 17 Was Killed by the Military Forces
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Kurdish Juvenile Aged 17 Was Killed by the Military ForcesKurdpa Agency: Another Kurdish Youth during backpacking in border region of Piranshahr was shot dead by the Military Forces .

According to Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday night 12 August, ‘’Salar Azerbrzin’’ who was merely 17 years old ,son of ‘’Askandar’’ was killed by the Military Forces.According to his relatives, Salar had started this job due to poverty .

Salar is from ‘’Konaxan’’ District within Piranshahr region, and was shot in a place called ‘’ Xri Dalwan’’. During this week, another two Kurdish citizens have been shot by the Military Forces in Piranshar.

According to citizens, generally economical crisis has been escalated in Iranian Kurdistan particularly in the border region. These places have been deprived from occupational and tutorial centers, and the citizens have to do backpacking.

According to Iranian law , only those furniture and items are classed as smuggling which are exceeding 300 dollars ,however the price of items belong to Kurdish backpack carrier does not exceed this price.


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